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I miss the lips that made me fly.

2 years ago
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Oh, the small things..

This is crazy huh, considering that I’ll be turning 18 two months from now and people are losing their trust from me (?) or uhh whatever. Yes, people like my parents. :-(

I mean, this may sound a cliche but I personally think and believe that them being so “overprotective” is kind of annoying and crazy now. Yes, it is okay to show your care, love and stuff. But c’mon people! I am a teenager. I have a life to live. I have my own plans. I have my own dreams and wishes. I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

Considering that I come from a conservative and religious family, I can say that being caring and loving is indeed a GOOD thing. Consequently, all GOOD things must have LIMITATIONS, too. *sigh

Though I find your being loving, caring, thoughtful very amusing and inspiring, I, too, can’t help but get annoyed and mad about stuff like this when overdone. I mean, I’m 18 people, not a toddler. C’MON, KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS!!

~Buhoo. I feel bad about writing this. But I just feel the need to spill out crazy, spoiled and rotten grudges I can carrying now. 

Soon, I know all this will pass. I hope.

2 years ago
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I’ve moved on! =)

2 years ago
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If you’re not happy now, just remember that GOD is still thinking of the best way to make you SMILE.

2 years ago
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I’ve finally found the good in goodbye. ﭢ

2 years ago
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